424 – EBFA – EITC

Sisters and Brothers,


We are facing unprecedented challenges at IBEW 424. Every staff member I’ve spoken to has mentioned the workplace is toxic. Roberta, Mike and I are working to try to repair things, or at least establish a working relation, but it’s difficult. it’s especially difficult when the present administration is terminating and disciplining people left, right and centre. IBEW 1007 has grieved 3 three recent terminations and one case of discipline. I realize that you don’t need the added stress of an unhappy worksite on top of the COVID crisis, but please do your best to stay calm and support each other.


Everyone who can seems to be working from home, and as far as I know, there are no major problems. If there are some things I can help with. or of you want me to bring any issues forward to Management, please let me know.  jconnor@ibew1007.org


When I spoke to Todd last week he said everyone had work to do for the time being. I’m not sure of Laura’s status at this time, but the CBA does allow the Company to let temporary employees go. It’s very unfortunate as I believe she was fitting in so well. I’ll continue to work with Todd and the trustees in an attempt to keep the staff situation as stable as possible. As above, reach out if you need my help with any work issues.

Take care, stay safe



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