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To start with, thank you all for your hard work and patience throughout everything we have all faced these last couple years. It has been a trying time with Grievances, Company policies, not being able to have regular Union meetings, and topping it all off with Covid mandates in your personal lives as well as the City’s policies in these matters. All these things (and more) are a lot for anyone to deal with. You have all persevered and been a key factor in the success of the City and your Union.

We have a number of Grievances with the City right now. We have always maintained a workable relationship with Management, but it has been tense since Covid started. A lot of what has happened during Covid doesn’t add up nor does it make sense with the constant changes to policies and protocols. We are and have been doing our best to protect our Members from the virus, but at the same time protect their rights and privacy. This has affected literally everyone in the world and is a very contentious topic. There are many differing opinions on what the balance is between real or perceived safety, personal medical privacy, and Government as well as Company overreach. We have Grievances in on the disclosure element and mandated vaccine policy as well as for our Members who were terminated for not complying with the City’s heavy handed approach to this issue. More to come on that.

We are hopeful to get to Bargaining soon. The City is tied up with CSU52 right now and just finished with ATU569 (our Coalition partners), who signed for 0%, 1%, and 2% for 2021,2022 and 2023. There are differing Bargaining issues from one Union to the next of course, but we will be looking for higher numbers.

Our Unit Executive meetings have taken place since I’ve been in office, as we have not been allowed to have regular meetings due to express instruction from the International Office and AHS. We have started the in-person meetings as of April so please try and attend if you can. They take place the first Thursday of each month, 4:30pm at the Hall.

A lot has gone on here in the last year and a half since I took office. We don’t win all our battles but there are many that we do. We are very successful in what we do and very effective in advocating for our Members. I am glad that I am here, and you all had faith in me. It is my privilege to work for you through these most difficult times.

As always, please continue to call or email us for any reason.


Thank you,

Steve Southwood
Business Manager, IBEW 1007

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