To IBEW 1007 Members with EPCOR Technologies

EPCOR has proposed an extension to the Letter of Understanding #14 to help deal with the fallout from the COVID-19 virus. The letter is similar in nature to one I signed in April 2019, but with extended dates. The primary reason for this request is the possibility that contracts issued to Technologies are cancelled and/or Government authorities change the work parameters and implement restrictions.

The IBEW Constitution gives the Business Manager of the Local the authority to sign such an LOU (or to refuse to sign it). Both have consequences. I believe I made the best decision when I signed that letter last year. I thought it was in your best interests. Many of you disagreed with me and said that decision should be left up to you.

Therefore, I am putting the decision in your hands. You can read the revised Letter of Understanding and decide if I put my signature on it. I will abide by your decision.

We will conduct the vote by secret ballot, the ballot box being under lock and key. Ballot boxes will be brought to your place of work, and we will of course, conduct the vote using all possible safety precautions (physical distancing, disinfecting surfaces, etc)

At 3:00 pm on Friday, March 27, 2020 our Union President will count the votes, witnessed by the Vice-President. In the interest of social distancing, five members from Technologies can come to the Union Hall and witness the count.

I will immediately post the result here.

Would you like to share your thoughts?