Ryan Carruthers Signal Tech 1 (Technologies)
EPCOR Unit Chair

Rob Miccolis Signal Tech 1 (Technologies)

Richard Vercholuk Utility Worker III (Technologies)

Bill Pylypa Foreman, Civil Const Inspectors (EPCOR D&T)

Daryl Royer E&I and Control Tech (EPCOR Water)
IBEW 1007 President

Joel Kwasny Foreman QMP & Contracts (EPCOR D&T)
EPCOR Unit Member at Large

Mike Boyd Assistant Business Manager (1007)

Roberta Hykawy Assistant Business Manager (1007)

Jimmy Connor Business Manager (1007)

The members of the committee are obligated to maintain confidentiality during our discussions with EPCOR. When we have something to present to the membership, rest assured, we will. Based on Alberta Health Services guidelines, I will make a determination at that time on the best method of delivery.

I’ve sought input from the membership on the structure of this vitally important committee. I could not have asked for a more competent, intelligent, well-respected group. IBEW 1007 will be very well represented. Give them your support and please don’t ask them to breach their oath of confidentiality. It is crucial to the process. On the committee’s behalf I thank you for your support.

Jimmy Connor
IBEW 1007

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