Just so you know

Brothers and Sisters,

If you’ve tried calling or emailing me since last Friday you’ve probably got my voicemail or out of office email message. Although I took a couple of days vacation in Canmore (Mon/Tues) I have managed to get back to a few of you. If you’re one of the people I couldn’t get back to, I’ll try to soon.

On my drive back home today, with my wife and my son, I got a call from my great-niece on Scotland. My sister’s husband passed away suddenly earlier today. I’d normally be on a plane tomorrow, but with COVID restrictions and the difficult discussions around EPCOR Technologies’ work load, I don’t have any intention of travelling.

I will be taking a Personal Day tomorrow. You can still reach Roberta, Mike or Mavis though.

In future, in the interests of transparency and accountability, I will report my vacation time, sick time any other out of office time here on Jimmy Connor’s Blog. However, I will not report the same for the other three staff members. That accountability falls to me as Business Manager & Financial Secretary. Discussing their personal affairs is a serious privacy issue. If you ever have any questions around these kinds of issues, please contact me.

It’s not fair to ask your Shop Stewards or Executive Board members these kind of questions. They have their own areas of expertise and can’t be expected to know details of how the Union office functions. They are also being paid by the Companies they work for, so please call the office and we can answer your questions. Someone WILL get back to you.

There’s an awful lot on the go right now, but next week I intend to look into those Member Webinars I’ve mentioned here before. Please watch this space.


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