IBEW 1007 Staff and Officers

Executive Board

  • Business Manager/Financial Secretary
  • Steve Southwood
  • Assistant Business Manager
  • Roberta Hykawy
  • Assistant Business Manager
  • Mike Boyd
  • Executive Assistant
  • TBA

Executive Board

  • President
  • Daryl Royer
  • Vice-President
  • Joel Kwasny
  • Recording Secretary
  • Tamara Porlier
  • Treasurer
  • Dave Halbauer
  • EPCOR Unit Chair
  • Ryan Carruthers
  • City of Edmonton Unit Chair
  • Doug Gilbertson
  • Capital Power Unit Chair
  • Harold MacDonald

EPCOR Unit Executive

Civic Unit Executive

Capital Power Unit Executive

Local 424

  • Shop Steward
  • TBA


  • Shop Steward
  • TBA

Electrical Industry Training Centre

  • Shop Steward
  • TBA

All Executive Board positions are voted on every 4 years as per our bylaws. The next scheduled election will be held in June, 2024, with nominations in May of the same year. Any position that becomes vacant prior to an election may be filled in consultation with the Business Manager & the Local Union Executive Board.

The Business Manager/Financial Secretary, President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer positions are elected with a mail in ballot sent to every member of the local.

All Unit members are elected from their respective units at their unit meetings for example an EPCOR employee could not run for a Capital Power Unit.